What is The Dungeon?

That name brings back horror stories of punishment and persecution doesn't it? But it means something entirely different here. IT MEANS HOPE. Every day we ship Bibles, tracts, clothing, pins, patches and lots of other evangelistic materials too numberous to mention. Where do we send this sutff? To the four cornders of the globe.

We call the storage and shipping department for our Hellfighters Evangelistic Materials "The Dungeon" because it started out in the basement of a businessman's office complex. But, now it's on the second floor of this building and the name just won't go away.

If you plan to take a tour of the Hellfighter Nation offices, then why not check out "The Dungeon." While you're there please pick up a sample pack of our soul wining tracts. It's our gift to you for being interested in what God is doing through Hellfighters and Mission At The Cross.

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325 South Magnolia Street
Laurel, Mississippi 39440
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