What is Rattlesnake Jake's Eatin' Place?

Rhinoman and Sunshine were headed down a desolate stretch of Arizona highway a few years ago on their Harley, when off to their right they caught a glimpse of something on the horizon.

Having their interest stirred, they turned northward toward the mirror-like glint. The closer they got, the larger that speck of shine became until low and behold they saw an old school bus that was now shiny silver after being "sand blasted" by the howling winds that constantly blow across that stretch of Arizona desert. Parked all around the corpse of that old bus were a few pickups, a convertible caddy, a couple of jacked up Jeeps, four bikes, three Harleys and a crotch rocket - plus a Rolls drop head coupe and a '48 woody.

They shut off their bike's engine and eased inside that piece of yesterday's memories. The welcomed sounds of a ragtime piano filled their ears, while the aroma of barbeque and grilled steaks filled their nostrils.

As they approached the only half-empty table, Richard asked the old timer who was sitting there with a "looker" on one arm and a "cur" in the chair beside 'em, "What is this place?" The old timer replied, "This is Rattlesnake Jake's Eatin' Place - best steak, rib and tamale joint west of the Mississippi River! Pull up a chair, stranger, rest your haunches a bit and partake of some of the finest grub God ever blessed a good man with the privilege to eat. Let you lady friend sit here with my dog, Handsome, and we'll all get to know one another."

The rest is history! Yep, Rhino and Sunshine liked Rattlesnake Jake's so much they brought the recipes to Laurel along with an old school bus that you may have seen as you came in. They wanted to give back to the town they both love, hence Rattlesnake Jake's.

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