What is Redneck Country?

Our Redneck Country is chocked full of stuff for folks who are just like us and for folks who are just like you.

Folks who come to Hellfighters USA don't come to fuss and complain, no sirre, folks come here to have a good time, learn stuff, buy stuff, talk Southern and take a little something Redneck home with 'em.

We've got stuff for Redneck girls, Redneck guys, Redneck wannabees, mudders, hunters, beer drinkers, churchgoers, non-churchgoers, bikers, biker wannabees, night clubbers, non-night clubbers, fat people, skinny people, nice people, rude people, rich people, poor people, spacemen, coal miners, firemen, policemen, soldiers, draft dodgers, horse thieves, school bus drivers, con artists, drug addicts, alcoholics, bank robbers, whore mongers and anybody else who may not fit these descriptions.

Yep, we've got something for everybody. Our stuff might not relate to you, and if it doesn't, it's no big deal. You like what you like and we'll like what we like and we'll all be friends. Life's too short to fight over petty differences.

We've got confederate stuff 'cause our grand pappies wore some of it and there ain't nothing wrong with that - it's our heritage.

We're all different and our heritages vary. You might not like what ours was, and we might not like what yours was, but that's ok. If we were all the same this would be a dull and boring world, wouldn't it?

So, if what we have on display, or for sale, doesn't sit well with your way of thinking, it's ok, 'cause that means that our way of thinking doesn't sit well with your way of thinking and that makes us equal. Yes, we may think contrary to one another, but it's my right to think my way and it's you right to think your way. So let's forget our differences, go get a Coke and be friends.

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